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The Brewie+ is the world's most advanced home brewing machine, designed by beer lovers for beer lovers. The machine does not require any previous brewing experience - but is a great tool for master brewers or commercial breweries as well as for beginners to this fine art. The Brewie+ is fast, easy to control and is still the most complex brewing system on the market.

Brewie provides you full control and predictability of your brew whether it’s mashing, sparging or hopping. It makes Brewie perfect for pilot-batches (it can produce wort from 10 to 20 liters) and for experimenting with new recipes. Even though it’s fully automated, you can modify the process and make your own, unique recipes adjusted to your individual taste. It’s perfect for learning how to brew and mastering your technique with continually consistent results.


Brewing without supervision

The Brewie+ is the only brewing machine that takes care of every single step of the brewing process from mashing to cooling - and follows exactly the traditional way of brewing. Brew your beer within 4-6 hours!


Craft beer quality in any type of beer

Brewie+ won't limit your fantasy: both the hardware and software have been carefully engineered so you can brew your favourite types of beer at home - whether it’s an Imperial with more than 10% ABV, a harsh IPA or a refreshing Belgian- style wheat beer.


Time-efficient all-grain brewing

The Brewie+’s custom-made interior parts provide an easier controllability and faster brewing. The complex interior provides a smooth water transfer process which decreases total brewing time up to 50 minutes.


Mobile application

Start making your own beer with the push of a button and monitor the process from afar. This Brewie-connected mobile application lets you follow the brewing process in real time, control it remotely and even notifies you of your beer's fermentation phases. Start your brew, spend some time with the family or friends and get back in time for racking! Thanks to the integrated mobile application you can connect as many Brewie as you want and brew 40-60-80 liters (10-20 gallons) or even more! With the app, you'll be able to simultaneously control all of your Brewie+'s - and to brew different recipes at the same time!


A beer brewing machine that cleans itself

This automated home brewing system helps you out when you need it and performs the cleaning and sanitizing process instead of you. It’s truly the first in the world that provides you time for other important issues while it brews your beverage and cleans itself afterwards.