#07 Hopersonic

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Bursting in from hoperspace, the Hopersonic swiftly became the most flavourful of the Brewie family. The US aroma hops smack one's taste buds with the speed of sound, while the usual bitterness of Pale Ales watches jealously from the sidelines.

The Hopersonic, Brewie's second American IPA departed from Aromaland and is asking for permission to land in your glasses. Its massively fruity, the tropical taste reminds us of Dutch still lives, banana commercials and morning juices, bringing a serious sting for summer, relaxing and refreshing all. All the while this flavourful India Pale Ale benches the hard bitterness we usually associate with its type, leaving us with an easy-to-drink ale of moderate strength with a jumble of flavours, we really want to untangle.

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