The Hop Pack (Special Birthday package)

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You'll find four hoppy Brewie Pad in this package: Hopus Pocus, Redneck Hopster, Mill's Row and the famous Hopersonic. Two IPAs: A West Coast session and a fruity one with tropical taste, our first APA and a summery Pilsner.

The Pack includes:

  • 1 Hopus Pocus
  • 1 Redneck Hopster
  • 1 Mill's Row
  • 1 Hopersonic


Brewie Pads

The Pack holds flavorful and refreshing Brewie pads with large hop content (with significantly hoppy taste). In most of them, we used US hops, this is the reason why they have floral, citric and pine character.

Estimated delivery time: 2-3 weeks


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